PlanetEnergy SL designs and implements EnergyCommunities and EnergyIslands, which are two sides of the same coin. Islands are a sole user, such as a farm, an agricultural installation or other standalone unit, while Communities are just that: neighbourhoods, industrial parks, technology parks, any place that creates economy of scale through combined waste management and combined energy supply.

In essence, PlanetEnergy SL combines energy demand with resource supply to create tailor-made solutions providing up to 100% energy demand from renewable energy while efficiently treating organic waste and wastewater. The key is to find the sweet spot where costs and benefits meet in an economically viable system that reduces environmental impact of rural and urban communities, industries and agriculture in a symbiotic relationship.

PlanetEnergy SL combines small-scale technologies already proven in the market to mix and match the perfect EnergyCommunity or EnergyIsland with the goal of a five-year payback on investment. Projects are designed with a waste-first principle, treating organic waste, MSW, agricultural waste and wastewater using biogas and/or gasification as appropriate. The best use for recovered water is integrated into all projects, be it for agricultural use, urban irrigation or gray water systems. The gas can be used for heating, cooling, cooking and/or electricity production. Solar and wind resources are used to supplement the gas to achieve as close to 100% renewable energy consumption as economically viable in each circumstance. Projects can be off-grid or grid-tied, depending on local legislation and economic viability.


More information

Type of organisation

  • Small or Medium Enterprise

Rural electrification expertise

  • Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Project Developer
  • Service Provider

Off-grid system used

  • Micro/Mini-grid
  • Stand-alone

RE-technology used

  • (Bio-)Diesel Back-up
  • Battery / Energy Storage
  • Bioenergy
  • Hybrid
  • Solar PV
  • Wind

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Meghan Sapp