The world's energy market is experiencing its largest and most important shift in the modern era and is changing the way we live and travel on the back of shifting public values and government policies in an attempt to tackle climate change.

In this transition to a low carbon future, who will be the big players that will become the next global energy behemoth? From resource companies that are producing the raw materials, to the companies that are building the next generation of personal and public transport, wind turbines and solar panels, energy storage systems and everything in between. The acceleration of technology has allowed new technology to be refined and commercialised.

There are so many opportunities to invest, so where should you be looking?

The Future Energy & Tech Investment Forum will take place on the 28 March 2019 in Shanghai. The one-day forum will focus on the future of energy worldwide, and the investment opportunities that are currently available on the market. Attendees include leaders from all sides of the energy spectrum, from oil and gas to power to pure-play renewable, established companies and startups, as well as the Investors that are helping to shape the industry.


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28 March 2019
Shanghai, China


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Policy & Business Development Officer

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