Company Description

Infinite Fingers GmbH offers Cloud-based Monitoring and Control Solutions for Off-Grid Power Systems

We help off-grid operators to keep systems up & running for their entire lifespan by offering a platform which can integrate technology from any manufacturer.

By streamlining data analysis and visualization into a single platform, we enable a detailed understanding of the whole system as well as remote management and configuration.

Job description

Infinite Fingers is seeking a developer to carry out the following tasks:

  • develop Angular components
  • write unit tests for the new and existing components
  • work on the layout (i.e. HTML/CSS)
  • help with the HTTP API development, depending on your python skills.


The ideal candidate for this position should have some experience in:

  • Angular 2+ (using Typescript, Angular CLI, Angular Material Components), interacting with:
  • a Django Rest Framework RESTful API powered by a Postgres SQL database
  • visualising data stored in an InfluxDB timeseries database

      All of this is based on:

  • Linux servers running on
  • AWS services such as elastic beanstalk
  • EC2 and
  • RDS

Experience with JIRA, GIT and Python is an advantage but not a requirement

The working language will be english.

Salary and benefits:

To be determined according to the candidate’s qualification and experience.

Home-office is possible.

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