Company Description

Rural Spark, founded in 2013, is providing high quality energy solutions for rural India. Since it founding, over 100 Local Energy Suppliers have provided energy for over 5.000 people. However, the big market entry is yet to happen with the newly produced solution: the Rural Spark Energy Kit allows customers (Local Energy Suppliers) to generate electricity for their own usage as well as to sell to their fellow villagers, becoming resilient entrepreneurs. This tested solution is the first step in a smartly connected energy network.

With over 400 million people without access to electricity, rural India provides a unique opportunity to leapfrog existing top-down centralised energy solutions, and build the right grid from scratch, together with rural India.

Job description

Being responsible for the products at Rural Spark, you manage the chain from design till production, warehousing and logistics. Together with a very small team of engineers you secure quality and help us to scale up the production capacity.

Moreover, you will implement a lean supply chain keeping in mind the timelines and financial implications of the same. You will work closely together with the marketing, sales and operational department, ensuring a steady, reliable flow of qualitative products to be implemented in the field by these departments, and optimising costs of the products.

Job requirements

Hard Skills

  • Experience in project management and streamlining / designing the production process in an (Indian) factory set-up
  • Experience in scaling production, and in optimising the supply-chain and cashflow from procurement till customer.
  • Perfectionistic but hands on approach; with high understanding of quality and process management
  • Understanding of product design / material knowledge in relevance to its production capability (preferred)

Soft Skills

  • Leader, with a structured approach and good planning skills
  • Perfectionistic, but result focused and hands-on
  • Experienced, ambitious and taking initiative
  • External: networking, supplier relationship management, inspiring
  • Internal: team player, interested in building a company, understanding the long-term goals of Rural Spark and his / her role in it
  • Fluent in English (and Hindi preferred)

Network / access

  • Preferably access to a network of suppliers, manufacturers, and warehouses.

What you shouldn’t be

  • Uncomfortable in startup environment that is growing to become a large business
  • Single minded, not interested in team playing
  • Unclear, confused or unstructured
  • A dreamer only

What we offer

  • Compensation for business travel expenses, laptop & phone. 21 leave days + 12 public holidays
  • 6 months probation period, with fixed contract after
  • Be part of a winning team, dedicated to changing the world, starting from India
  • A job where you contribute to the electrification of the world, providing sustainable solutions
  • Room to further develop yourself, growing as a professional and as a human being
  • A sufficient salary with the opportunity for stronger involvement and bonuses
  • An opportunity to really grow a business creating huge impact and revenues


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