Company Description

Solaris Offgrid is providing "Pay-As-You-Go" energy solutions for people and companies in off-grid areas. Our smart and modular technologic approach provides a platform to bring energy, services and financing to rural communities.

Solaris Offgrid offers its "Pay-As-You-Go" solutions to manufacturers and last-mile organisations (in developing countries) which dedicate their efforts to:

  1. Reproduce a solar system centred business model, inspired by Solaris Tanzania.
  2. Integrate our PAYG software in their hardware products to increase their market reach (SHS, small lamps, cookstoves, KW inverters, etc.);

Job description

The role of the Marketing Associate:

  • Develop marketing initiatives for high-visibility brands that drive awareness, acquisition.
  • Generate high-quality blog/article and social media content.
  • Oversee production of marketing content (videos, articles, PR, website content management).
  • Partner and coordinate creatives, bloggers, medias and external content teams on creative development to attract quality traffic and enquiries. Provide clear direction ensuring all conceptual and creative ideas meet objectives, key sales strategies and timelines, while being executed flawlessly.
  • Occasionally represent the company at networking Offgrid events.
  • Build a deep understanding of the rural electrification sector and its stakeholders through research and networking in order to maintain a forward-looking marketing strategy into the Off-grid / Solar Home System / Pay-As-You-Go Industry.
  • Analyze event and web/traction marketing results.
  • Design and implement processes to monitor and control resources, budget, risks and quality.

Candidate profile:

  • +3 years of experience in marketing/communication (PR, blogging/digital or social media).
  • Previous experiences in e-business is a plus.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of social media platforms (Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) and how they can be leveraged to achieve business goals.
  • Entrepreneurial mind-set, not afraid to take initiatives or make proposals and then see them through to completion.
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated and passionate about developing world projects and social business.
  • Ability to balance day-to-day execution and big-picture thinking.
  • Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail.
  • Demonstrates ability to manage people in a multicultural environment and is eager to discover new cultures and ways of working.
  • Has native/fluent proficiency in English and excellent writing skills.
  • Having a Google analytics certification is a plus.
  • Good notions of French is a plus.

Compensation and details:

  • Start date: Summer 2018.
  • Duration: Permanent/Long term.
  • Location: Flexible, with offices in Valencia, Spain, and travel to operational branch (Tanzania) and to networking events (worldwide) likely.
  • All business-related expenses paid.
  • Compensation to be discussed.


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