1. Introduction

ARE Member Gigawatt Global Cooperative U.A. (“GWG” or “Gigawatt”) is an international solar development corporation focused primarily on emerging markets. In 2014, GWG built the first utility-scale solar field in East Africa with our 8.5 MW field in Rwanda. GWG is currently launching a rural electrification program in Burundi starting with a pilot project. The subject of this Request for Proposal (RFP) relates to an off-grid electricity system (mini-grid) in Burundi.

2. Proposals

Tenderers are invited to submit proposals (tenders) for engineering, procurement, and with the option to construct, (EPC) the mini-grid in Burundi.

3. Tendering

GWG has established a special purpose vehicle (SPV), Gigawatt Global Off-Grid S.A. which will enter the EPC Contract unless otherwise determined by GWG.

In order that fair evaluation of each Tender can take place, it is essential that the Tenderer complies with the requirements of this RFP and the Enquiry Documents. While all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure that the information made available to Tenderers is correct, it does not purport to be comprehensive and neither GWG, nor any of its advisers or agents, accepts any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any information made available through the tender process.

GWG may at any time and by their own discretion decide not to select any of the Tenderers or not to proceed with the Project or the works and/or services to which this RFP relates or any parts thereof. In every case, by its acknowledgement of the Enquiry Documents, the Tenderer waives all and any claim(s) to compensation if and to the extent that GWG decides not to proceed with the Project or the works and/or services to which this RFP relates or any parts thereof.

4. Project Location

This pilot project is located in a rural village named Mubuga approximately 11km from the city of Gitega. The village has a population of approximately 3,500 with around 800 homes. The economy is primarily based around subsistence farming. Burundi is ranked by the world bank one of the five poorest countries in the world. Approximately 96% of the country does not have access to electricity. The only current usages of electricity in Mubuga are small diesel powered agricultural mills and a few low capacity solar panels being used by the schools and the health clinic. The need for electricity is great with an expanding economy and new social institutions being constructed. There are no current plans by the Burundian national utility to extend the national grid to this area.

5. Connections

For the initial deployment of this pilot we plan to have ten connections. These consist of five agricultural mills and five social institutions. These connections will be within approximately 1.5KM of the plot of land for the mini grid. Eight of the connections will require 3-phase connections and two of the connections will require 1-phase connections. Due to the necessity of switching local diesel-powered mills to electric powered mills, GWG is supplying five electric mills to local users. These mills will make up the majority of the power demand during the initial pilot phase.



Full proposals must be received by GWG no later than 7 December 2017.

More information

Download the full Request for Proposals.