Who, What & Where

  • Bornay
  • Small wind turbine for a telecomunications tower in Perú
  • Nazca, Perú

The Company

Bornay, is a Spanish company with more than 45 years of experience into the world of rural electrification. 

Bornay has done more than 8,000 installations in 54 countries, supplying energy at isolated places with many differs situations: domestic, industrial and commercial applications; community electrifications; Clean water supply systems and more.

Renewable Solution

An installation consisting of a wind power system to supply energy for a mobile telephony system in Peru.

The system consists of a Bornay Wind Turbine 6,000 with a charge controller and a bank of GEL OPzV 48v batteries.

The wind turbine, with three-phase AC output, is connected to a regulator specific to Bornay wind turbines, with three-phase AC input and rectified DC output, suitable for charging batteries at 48 Vdc.

The system is connected to a bank of 48 Vdc stationary batteries.

The battery bank powers the different telecommunications systems directly with 48v DC.

Installed Equipment

Wind Turbine:

Bornay 6000


Triangular autosoportada

Eolic Regulator:


Solar Panels:




Solar Regulator:



Sonneschein GEL OPZV



Other Elements:



Juan de Dios Bornay

+34 965 560 025