Who, What & Where

  • Smart Hydro Power

  • Hybrid systems with solar and micro hydrokinetic turbines

  • Chirundu and Luangwa, Zambia

The Company

Hybrid systems with solar and micro hydrokinetic turbines from SuperRich Energies and Smart Hydro Power will electrify hundreds of rural villagers within the Power Africa Off-Grid Challenge.

This project is a partnership between a German and a Zambian company. Smart Hydro Power is a German-based company focused on developing and implementing affordable renewable energy projects that enhance productivity and improve people’s living standards.

SuperRich Energies Limited is a Zambian company that has successfully completed photovoltaic street lighting projects in Zambezi and Kabompo districts.

The Challenge

In one of the poorest districts in Zambia, Chirundu and Luangwa, rural communities have very limited access to energy. Their primary school, health and police posts, including 23 unelectrified lodges work through diesel generators. For these villages there is also no near-future plan for grid extension, since they are located far from the central grid-point.

Renewable Solution

Lighting brings security, promotes apprenticeship and get together. However, this project aims long-term economical sustainability, so some productive use are part of it. In order to improve the communication, an Internet point will be installed as an “Internet Café”. Besides that, in order to improve the productivity of the existent local agriculture, a hydrokinetic pump will automatise the irrigation process. The power supply will also start to be used for commercial businesses such as carpentry and simple metal-working.

Project Financing and Costs

This project is financed via USADF grant. A basic tariff will cover operational costs making the project long-term sustainable.

Project Outcome

The installation of off-grid hybrid power plants, consisting of solar panels and hydrokinetic turbines, will provide electricity to several households, with a generation costs (LCOE) below 0.40 U$ / kWh. As this type of turbine uses only the kinetic energy stored in the river, no dam is needed.