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The Company

Wind Energy Solutions (WES) is a Dutch company that deals with medium sized wind turbines from  50 up to 250 kW with an average output of 200.000kWh to 500.000 kWh per year. 
For over 25 years, WES has applied its turbines worldwide and thinks of solutions instead of limitations. Over 1000 units of the turbine have been installed around the world in agricultural locations and universities, on islands, in small communities and at coastal and mountainous sites. 
The WES turbine’s typical two-bladed rotor has a unique hinged system and a passive blade angle adjustment. This unique, robust mechanism guarantees a high efficiency and requires only simple and minimal maintenance.
We manage the entire process: development, production, installation, maintenance and operation. It eliminates hurdles and deals with circumstances in a proper, environmental, economical and technically viable way.
Looking forward to analyze and optimize your energy demand. Our goal for your energy demand is maximum use of sustainable sources with competive prices.

The Challenge

Saint Helena is a remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean and is part of the British Overseas Territory. The island has a population of 4,255 people and measures about 420 km2. 

In the past the only sources of energy were diesel engines. The diesel is supplied by ship and this entails risks (piracy / unreliable suppliers). 
Due to these risk’s, the high costs and the wish to be a ‘green island’ the government decided to replace diesel and start using wind energy. In 1998 three Lagerwey 18/80 turbines were installed on the island. 

Because of the use of more electronic devices and internet, the demand of electricity on the island grew to nearly double the amount needed before! The government asked WES for advice. What would be the logical next step?

Renewable Solution

WES did a study on demand and supply patterns and determined the potential of ‘renewable energy’. It became clear that due to the good wind location the wind turbines should be able to provide almost 40% of the energy demand on the island. 

Based on this study, the decision was made to increase the number of turbines in 2009 to a total of six by adding three WES80 80kW wind turbines. 

To meet the growing demand, another six turbines were installed in 2014, doubling the wind capacity on the island of St. Helena. 

At this moment the energy supply is produced by 12x WES80 80kW Hybrid Turbines. As a back up energy supply, there are 6 diesel generators. 

Goal is maximum use of wind energy. WES is monitoring the energy demand and supply on Saint Helena. Results are online and real-time available.

Project details

This particular project consists of: 
● 12x WES80 80kW wind turbines 
● 6x Caterpillar diesel generators 
● 11kV distribution network
Project budget and final cost:
● 1998: 3x Lagerwey 18/80 turbines : financial information not available
● 2009: 3x WES80 including improvements on the first 3x LW turbines: € 426.375,- 
● 2014: 6x WES80 including improvements on the first 6x turbines: € 1.851.572,-     

Project outcome

In the image above information is presented over the period 2009 – 2015. In 2009 3 turbines were installed and in 2014 another 6 turbines. The yearly production is 290.000 kWh per year per turbine. The average wind speed on the island is 8,2 m/s.

A rough estimate of the savings during the period 2009 – 2015 : 

production of green electricity by wind:     7.028.805 kWh
price per kWh produced by diesel:        € 0,40
price per kWh produced by wind:        € 0,11

Savings during period 2009 till 2015:         2.000.000 Euro. 

In the future the production will be about 3.500.000 kWh/year (based on 12 WES80 wind turbines). The savings will then be about 1.000.000 Euro per year. 

Key success factors

1. Act local: Cooperation with a strong local company is crucial for success. The high availability of the turbines of 98% is possible due to advanced digital monitoring, first line maintenance by trained local engineers and second line support from WES.
2. Logistics: Preparation of the logistics is key and the turbine should be suitable for the transportation. A boat trip of 5 day brought the WES installation team and the containers (turbines are designed to fit into a container) to the island. On the island the team had to ‘manoeuvre’ the material to the location.
3. Operational Excellence: This type of project can only be carried out successfully with top project management and a very experienced team of engineers within the company. Every detail counts and can have a great impact on the result!

More information?

For more information about WES please visit their official website: www.wind-energysolutions.com
Directly contact with our wind professionals: please send an email to info@windenergysolutions.nl



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