The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) is a private sector driven non-profit organisation, composed by a Board of Directors, a President and an Executive Director, all elected by the General Assembly of Members. The day-to-day running of ARE is managed by the Secretariat, based in Brussels, Belgium.


ARE Secretariat

Rue d'Arlon 69-71
1040 Brussels

Central line: +32 2 709 55 42


Marcus Wiemann (German) – Executive Director

Marcus Wiemann is responsible for the management and direction of ARE as well as for the relationship management with partners and developing organisations / institutions. In this regard he is a member of numerous steering committees and working groups who are active in the field of rural electrification.

Marcus (45 years, born in Dortmund, Germany) holds diplomas in Economics, International Relations/Developing Countries and Environmental Economics from the Universities of York and Trier. Marcus has a professional background from the finance and energy sector as well as in consultancy, advocacy and project management.

Before Marcus joined ARE in 2013, Marcus established and led representation offices in Brussels of Verbundnetz Gas AG, EWE AG and of the International Association of Gas and Oil Producers (OGP).

Languages: English, German


Phone: +32 2 709 55 44

E-mail :


David Lecoque (Belgian) – Policy & Business Development Manager

David Lecoque heads the Policy & Business Development Department at ARE. He works closely on policy and business issues with energy companies, key donors and institutions, financiers and NGOs involved in energy access. In particular, he focuses on consultancy, advocacy, partnerships, project management, B2B/B2Fin matchmaking and events. He also oversees ARE's research activities and run the contact database, comprising 26,000+ sector stakeholders.

David (29 years, born in Antwerpen, Belgium) holds an LL.M in European Law from the College of Europe and a Master of Laws from the Free University of Brussels, and recently completed the IBI International Trade Executive Programme.

Prior to joining ARE, David practised and qualified as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar, dealing principally with energy and environmental matters in top-tier law firms Liedekerke and CMS. In 2015, he was elected as one of Belgium’s 100 most inspiring and sustainable young professionals. 

Languages: English, French, Dutch and German


Phone : +32 2 709 55 25

E-mail :


Ling Ng (English) – Communication & Marketing Officer 

Ling Ng is responsible for the promotion of the business interests of ARE members and to provide support to key cooperation partners of ARE in terms of communications and marketing as well as event management and match-making. She is the contact point for the website, publications and digital outreach of ARE.

Ling (32 years, born in Hillingdon, United Kingdom) holds an MSc in Quaternary Science and a BSc in Environmental Science from Royal Holloway, Univeristy College London and Queen Mary, University of London. She specialises in showcasing clean off-grid and decentralised energy solutions as a financially viable solution for supplying electricity to isolated regions in developing countries.

Before Ling joined ARE in 2014, she worked as a sustainable project assistant for start-ups and non-profit organisations in the UK, Germany and France. 

Languages: English, French


Phone: +32 2 709 55 42



ARE Secretariat Working Areas

Marcus Wiemann

(Executive Director)

Ling Ng

(Communications and Marketing Officer)

David Lecoque

(Policy and Business Development Manager)

Direction of ARE Strategy and ARE Working Programme 2016 - 2018

Promotion of members‘ interests

 Promotion of members‘ interests

Association`s representation

ARE Newsletter

Market development support

Membership acquisition

Weekly Alert for members

 Match-making / Organisation of events

Partnership management

 ARE publications

Represent ARE members’ interests at events


Support to third parties & ARE events

 Partnership Implementation

Project management

Social Media

Project management

Secretariat management

Partnership implementation support

Fundraising support


ARE Secretariat Committee Work      

Marcus Wiemann

(Executive Director)

Ling Ng

(Communications and Marketing Officer)

David Lecoque

(Policy and Business Development Manager)


ARE-OFID CfP Mini-Grids

(Executive Evalution Comittee)


IRENA - Coalition for Action

(Coordination and Alignment of RE Communications)



(Leader of the Energy Access Workstream)


European Business Technology Centre (EBTC)

(Project lead)



(Partnership Implementation)

Bloomberg New Energy Finance - Global Climatescope Clean Energy Policy Expert Committee


European Investment Bank

(Civil Society Director Group)


IRENA – Coalition for Action

(Committee Member)

Global Energy Storage Alliance

(GESA; Board and Founding Member)



(Relationship manager)



(‘Energy cluster’ member - Implementation of ElectriFI, supporting role for SE4All actions)


SE4All HIO Clean Energy Mini-Grids

(Steering Committee)

International Energy Agency

(Advisory Role)




Intersolar Off-Grid Forum

(Steering Group)




(Advisory Board)



Power For All

(Steering Committee)



SE4All HIO Clean Energy Mini-Grids

(Executive Group)




Marcus Wiemann

Executive Director

+32 2 709 55 44

David Lecoque

Policy & Business Development Manager

+32 2 709 55 25

Jens Jaeger

Policy & Business Development Officer

+32 2 709 55 42

Ling Ng

Communications & Marketing Officer

+32 2 709 55 42